Mongolian animal fibre

Collaborating with suppliers and producers to create traceable animal fibre supply chains in Mongolia.
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Supporting the nomadic herders and their way of life by bringing added value to all animal fibres

Working together with organisations passionate about pasture rotation, circular systems and sustainability I am able to bring a beautiful collection of different wools from Mongolia to you, including cashmere, yak wool, camel hair and sheep wool - all carefully chosen through knowledge and by balancing the biodiversity of any specific regon of the country while taking in to consideration the needs of those nomads we know what impact your choices will make. By realigning your needs in animal fibre and how you want to position it in your own market we can choose the right direction you want to take and what certification you will be representing. Yak wool, from the Arkhangai province in central Mongolia for example is collected after the cold spell every year, the herders know that it is time to groom the yaks when the weather gets warmer and their soft undercoat naturally peels away ready for the summer. Yaks are very gentle to the landscape in Mongolia which reduces damage to the grasslands. They eat softly from the top of the grass while fertilising the land which makes them an important addition to helping rejuvenate the biodiversity of any pasture which sadly are depleting under the strain of too many grazing cashmere goats.

Mongolian Yak Wool

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"A diverse collection of beautiful wools and knowledge from Mongolia" Ellie Walker -

Mongolian Yak Wool

Mongolian Yak Wool
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Being in the middle of what I see is a broken supply chain where the top 5 areas for 2024 that brands need to look into are supply chain I feel I am right where I am supposed to be and my back ground has brought me to the forefront of this new movement of change. 

Through co-creation and collaboration we can establish and aim to meet your needs of raw materials and the needs of the suppliers and growers through a genuine process of transparency, even if you are experimenting with the idea of story telling and new fibres.

Through my own experiences in Asia in all manners of production and from meeting a wide variety of different people in manufacturing and sourcing since the inception of my brand in 2013, I have found that my strength has been from carving out my own niche through an understanding and ability to work across all levels of manufacture - but most importantly seeing things from both sides of the supply chain.
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