Baby Yak CAAD

A Mongolian Cooperative taking traceability to a new level.
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A Cooperative where semi nomadic herders are involved fully in the process of creating high quality products from their own raw wool.

A very positive and new perspective on giving the power back to the growers of wool in Mongolia, by giving them the freedom to create and manage their own production system which highly depends on all the unpredictable factors the climate and environment throw at them. These herders are involved in the washing, dehairing, spinning, and making of their orders. Through a collaboration with designers in the capital of Mongolia, they are making the finished pieces in the country side which for Mongolia is a very unusual advantage for them. In Mongolia 98% of the manufacturing happens in the capital of Ulaanbaatar and the transportation and energy involved in transporting heavier weights of unwashed and untreated wool can be a small nuance in the supply chain. Collaborating with nomads on a personal basis will also evolve their knowledge and help bring about a positive change in the future of the industry at grass roots level. But also on an ethical and sustainable level - buyers will be able to learn the limitations and capacities of the makers and understand how design can be a powerful approach to reciprocate what the harvest has given them.

Baby Yak CAAD

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Baby Yak CAAD
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Being in the middle of what I see is a broken supply chain has brought me to the forefront of this new movement of change. Change in accountability and the new understanding that old buzzwords need serious backing up!

Through co-creation and collaboration we will establish a transparent  development of your needs from farm to branding and open many possibilities to certifications.

I can offer a full breakdown of your existing supply chain and give you alternatives which will fit with your ethos and limitations by implementing all the solutions to your limitations.

Through my own experiences in Asia in all manners of production houses and from meeting all manners of different people in manufacturing and sourcing since the inception of my brand in 2013, I have found that my strength has been from carving out my own niche and seeing things from both sides of the supply chain.
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