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If you are a buyer, maker, designer or consumer - you are in the right place.

I see my resources and processes as essential facilitators for change. The goal is to create a personal and accountable supply chain, from the fibre source to your customers lives.


what I do:

Core strategy

Lets build a mile stone together.

I work with a design brief to execute and assemble products through a transparent supply chain with your chosen natural fibres to uniquely ensure clear responsible values tailored for your company through a complex understanding of seasons, cultures and suppliers. 

We will work closely together whether you are a designer, in retail or a brand - we will work together to make products in the most sustainable way possible.

Consequently we need to look at your vision for the products you want to create and what story you want to tell about them - story telling is a vital part of this journey. We discuss the key points you want to communicate about the supply chain you want to part of, and most importantly, why?

Through looking at your new core values we can test the scale of accountability you will take and honour by being honest about its impact on the environment and the people in that environment - we break down your priorities and willingness to be a part of each and every step in the supply chain.

I believe and encourage a deeper understanding of the your chosen fibres and supply chains to be able to stand up and be a part of the global movement of transparency today. Your products come with a story, make sure you give it the best chance to be told for the sake of the people involved.

Historical practices and indigenous communities teach the world about the core principles of regenerative agriculture - through realigning your own interactions with these delicate ecosystems we start to develop your new core principles which consequently become seeped in accountability and truth.

The result is is that this process and experience adds value to your creations by positioning your values centrally in the current truthful movement.

Fibre sources

In order to consider and construct your ecosystem we help you make the right initial choices in sourcing the origin of a natural fibre.
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Fibre production

Choosing the most transparent manufacturing process of any raw material builds a bridge to a traceable and logical supply chain.
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From the beginning of the supply chain to the end we help you to verify environmental, social and animal welfare choices.
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how to build a new supply chain:

Ready to work with me?

Being in the middle of what I see is a broken supply chain where the top 5 areas for 2024 that brands need to look into are supply chain I feel I am right where I am supposed to be and my back ground has brought me to the forefront of this new movement of change. 

Through co-creation and collaboration we can establish and aim to meet your needs of raw materials and the needs of the suppliers and growers through a genuine process of transparency, even if you are experimenting with the idea of story telling and new fibres.

Through my own experiences in Asia in all manners of production and from meeting a wide variety of different people in manufacturing and sourcing since the inception of my brand in 2013, I have found that my strength has been from carving out my own niche through an understanding and ability to work across all levels of manufacture - but most importantly seeing things from both sides of the supply chain.
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