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Celebrating International Woman's day by supporting fellow female entrepreneurs - Let's inspire each other, connect with each other, talk to each other & find solutions together.
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The lowdown

Restoring nature and doing so in a systematic way requires team effort and community - it’s the very force that binds humans to nature.

Globalisation prized efficiency of the supply chain and didnt care where stuff came from - We all know this now and yet the world is lacking knowledge on how to fix this.

Instead of trying to integrate nature into our globalised supply chains we need to realise that we need to integrate the way we do business into nature.

Im on the hunt to find those of us in this industry who are doing something different and inspiring. Those who’s efforts are making a difference to lives lived in the textile supply chains we use.Im going to start a series of interviews with the people who I have met and loved along their journey - But for this letter I want to celebrate international woman’s day, and want to share the inspiring quotes of Gloria Steinem who is a woman’s activist and inspiration to million in the world fighting for equal rights…

"What matters in life is making a personal connection to those around us, those who inspire us"“The simple idea of both listening and talking: talking as much as we listen and listen as much as we talk, if we equalise those things thats instant democracy right there"“The circle is a natural form so if you find yourself already sitting in a circle thats making a difference, and if from the beginning each persons voice is heard, it makes you into a group, it is almost as important as air and water”“we have not been sitting around campfires telling each other stories for thousands of years for nothing”

What does leadership mean to you?“It mainly means by example. We do what we see way more than we are told, so when we see somebody who is achieving or realising something, we also want to achieve and realise, especially if we relate to that person”“We are each of us unique, we must share our humanity and respect each others strengths.”Thank you all for taking the time to read this,If you have a story, want to collaborate or just want to reach out to me on my website, chat about supply chains or how I can supply you with textiles please do email or visit my social media.info@catevictoria.com- keep sharing- keep caring- lets start the conversation- keep the conversation going

how to build a new supply chain:

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Being in the middle of what I see is a broken supply chain where the top 5 areas for 2024 that brands need to look into are supply chain I feel I am right where I am supposed to be and my back ground has brought me to the forefront of this new movement of change. 

Through co-creation and collaboration we can establish and aim to meet your needs of raw materials and the needs of the suppliers and growers through a genuine process of transparency, even if you are experimenting with the idea of story telling and new fibres.

Through my own experiences in Asia in all manners of production and from meeting a wide variety of different people in manufacturing and sourcing since the inception of my brand in 2013, I have found that my strength has been from carving out my own niche through an understanding and ability to work across all levels of manufacture - but most importantly seeing things from both sides of the supply chain.
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